Thrift Stores

Used Book Partnerships

Small, independent thrift stores frequently don’t have the staff, space, or resources to facilitate online book sales on their own. Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. helps thrift stores generate revenue from the books they acquire. We have partnered with thrift stores in several different ways, depending on the needs of the store. We can place collection containers outside the store where employees can place unwanted books and pay the store per pound or we can sell the books on behalf of the store with a consignment agreement.

Used Clothing Partnerships

Many thrift stores are left with clothing in their inventory that is unsaleable and taking up storage space at their store. Big Hearted Books & Clothing partners with local thrift stores to take their unwanted inventory and repurpose or recycle it. Unusable clothing and textiles can be sent to rag sorters and processing facilities. Damaged clothing/textiles may be repurposed. If it is badly stained, missing buttons, or torn, it can still be used to make rags or used as fiber for car seats, pillows, stuffed animals, soundproof insulation, and many other purposes.

If you own or manage a thrift store and would like to discuss a partnership, please call 781-784-0813 or email for more information.

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