Big Hearted Books & Clothing partners with schools throughout New England to help them earn much needed revenue. Some schools use the money to support under-funded programs. For other schools, we’ve set-up scholarship programs awarded to students each year. We have supported both public and private schools in many different ways, including:

  • Clothing and book drives:  Whether the school wants to host a one-day event or throughout the entire school year, we can support clothing or book drives in several ways. We have an in-house marketing department that can create custom handouts or emails for you to send to your school community to promote the clothing or book drive.
    • One-Day Fundraising Events: We can send a truck and a Big Hearted Books & Clothing employee to help collect donations, keep the area clean, and transport the donations as soon as the event is over. We then take the donations back to our warehouse, weigh them, and pay the school for each pound collected.
    • Year-Long Fundraising: To generate revenue throughout the school year, we can place clothing and book bins in the parking lot of the school. The containers are emptied regularly, the surrounding area kept clean (we have a 24-hour guarantee on that), and payments are made to the school on-time. If containers are not allowed in your town due to an ordinance, contact us and we can discuss placing smaller containers inside the school.
  • Free book pick-ups:  We can pick-up text or library books the school no longer needs so they can make space for new books.
  • Host book and clothing containers:  We can place clothing and book containers in the parking lot of the school. The containers only take up the space of one parking spot. Big Hearted Books & Clothing weighs the donations collected and pays the school for each pound. We pay the best rates in the industry, have courteous and professional staff service the containers, and keep the surrounding area clean. Click here to find out more about hosting containers.
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Schools We Work With

Here are some of the public and private schools we work with in MA, NH, RI, CT, ME, and VT