BIG HEARTED BOOKS & CLOTHING INC. has been working with local libraries throughout New England for over a decade. We know libraries have a challenging role to fill in our communities and we’ve found many ways to help.

Some of the ways we can partner with libraries include:

  • Free book pick-ups: We can pick-up books the library no longer needs so they can make space for new books.
  • Remove book sale leftovers:  If the library holds a book sale, we can take the remaining books after the sale. As long as we have advanced notice, our drivers can arrive at a specified day and time to remove the unsold books.
  • Book sale supply:  We can bolster a library book sale by supplying more books to boost revenue for the library. We can provide certain genres of books if the library doesn’t have what they need prior to the sale.
  • Consignment sale:  We can take books donated to the library and list them for sale online and pay a portion of the net profit from the sale of the books back to the library. The library gets paid monthly with a complete breakdown of each book sold. Books that do not sell after 6 months are donated or recycled.
  • Host book and clothing containers:  Oftentimes local residents want to support their local library through book donations. But the libraries can benefit more from revenue than having more used books. By hosting a book donation container on the library property, we pay the library for each pound of donated books. Hosting a clothing container on the library property generates even more income for the library.

By partnering with Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc., libraries can maximize their space, budget, and staff time while knowing that their unneeded books are being kept out of landfills and going back into the hands of people that can use them.

Contact us at or call
781-784-0813 to discuss how Big Hearted Books & Clothing can partner with your library!

Libraries We Work With

Here are some of the libraries we work with in MA, NH, RI, CT, ME, and VT.
We provide free pick-ups of excess donations, library discards, or book sale leftovers for these libraries.