How it Works

Big Hearted Books & Clothing weighs its donations to determine what is owed to the container host and sorts through donations to find their best use.

The majority of books are given a second life and are reused. Books are sold wholesale or online, or given to groups in need. Approximately 5% are recycled, and less than 2% are disposed of.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing sells credential clothing to local buyers. The buyers then sort the clothing by grade and type of materials: reusable/resalable goods, recyclable, or non-usable goods. Almost half (45%) of collected textiles are sold and reused as secondhand apparel, 30% of materials are remade into wiping and polishing cloths, and 20% are reprocessed into fiber materials. The remaining 5% is unusable and is discarded. Local charities, thrift stores, and consignment stores benefit mostly from the usable goods which are either donated or sold domestically. The unusable goods are then sent to rag sorters and processing facilities. Damaged clothing/textiles may be repurposed. If it is badly stained, missing buttons, or torn, it can still be used to make rags or used as fiber for car seats, pillows, stuffed animals, soundproof insulation, and many other purposes.

Proceeds from the sale of books and clothing are shared with our container hosts (local businesses, charities, and organizations, including over 360 local non-profits), pay our employees, and help cover our overhead costs.

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