Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Unfortunately, we cannot give out tax receipts. Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. is a for-profit company. We do not have 501 C3 status so we cannot give out receipts.

We can send you a thank you letter if you would like. Please call 781-784-0813 or email us with the correct spelling of your name and mailing address if you would like us to do so.

Yes, Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. has both book collection and clothing collection containers and would be happy to provide one or both types of containers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept VHS tapes. We have not been able to find people in need of VHS tapes and we haven’t found a vendor that can recycle them either.

We accept books of any age as long as they are still readable. We accept most types of books, including text books. We cannot accept multiple-volume encyclopedia sets or law books.

We wanted to give the hosts of our book containers another option to increase revenue while keeping items out of landfills.

We sell clothing wholesale. The revenue it generates for us helps us fund our book program and create more jobs for New Englanders. Click here for more details about what we do with the clothing.

Unfortunately, there are a few negative reviews online. If you read them, I think you will be able to tell that they are not very credible. There are complaint sites that allow anyone to post negative comments about businesses without verifying the poster’s name or requiring proof to the negative claim. As soon as a negative post goes live, the websites subsidiary companies then contact the business offering to make the negative report go away for thousands of dollars. Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. is an open book with nothing to hide. On general principal, we won’t pay to remove them.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. is fully insured and can provide you with a certificate of insurance. Please supply us with the legal entity name exactly as you would like it to appear on the certificate for the certificate holder and let us know if there is anyone that needs to be listed under additionally insured.

We make our contract for a year because of the cost to deliver and remove the container. If you need us to remove the container before the year is out, the delivery and removal cost will be deducted from your last payment. In the unlikely event that you wish to terminate your contract early as a result of poor service from Big Hearted Books & Clothing, we would gladly waive those fees.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. has its own trucks and excellent drivers who keep the area spotless. We service our containers frequently to avoid overflow. If something is left outside of the container, we ask that you contact us immediately. We guarantee removal of the debris within 24 hours. Often it is gone the same day. If we have no trucks in an area, we will send a warehouse worker out in a car or call a local junk removal company. We understand the importance of keeping your site pristine. We don’t want items to be left out to get ruined and you don’t need an eyesore on your property. Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. does not want its name associated with a mess, so we don’t let it happen.

Yes, Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. offers a free pick-up service to Libraries and Friends groups. Whether post library sale, or a routine weeding of books from the library, we are happy to schedule a pick-up of those materials. We ask that you give us advanced notice so we can plan accordingly. Our drivers will come prepared with the proper tools to get the job done efficiently. Click here for more information about our work with libraries.

We will pick-up the books at no cost to you, the books themselves are our compensation. We cannot pay for these materials, as the trucking and labor costs to pick-up the books is too high. If your library would like to get paid for books, we would be happy to have you host a container and will pay for the donations.

We weigh everything as soon as it gets back to our warehouse. The same day, we enter the weights into our database.

We have a customer portal where each container host can log-in and see the weights collected from their container and when to expect their next payment.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. has created jobs for over 100 men and women throughout New England, we have our own fleet of trucks, and deliver excellent customer service. We can always be reached, and can get someone to your site within hours if need be. Companies from out of town, use outside trucking companies to service their containers. These trucking companies, empty containers at their leisure while doing other deliveries. They do not service your container when it needs to be serviced, unless it is convenient for them to do so. If anything is left in front of your container, we guarantee to remove it within 24 hours. Out-of-towners may claim the same but cannot guarantee it. Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. donates books to groups in need in the New England area. We like to give back to the communities where we collect the donations. The bulk of the books and clothing that we sell wholesale get put back in to circulation in the New England area as well. When people put books in a container locally, we feel that they should benefit local communities. Don’t let the out-of-towners take the money and run. Support local business!

FAQs about the former company “Got Books?”

Sadly, Got Books went out of business.  Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. purchased Got Books’ name and trademark, logo, client and container management software, Website, the rights to Got Books’ book collection sites, and the books in the Got Books containers.

Contact Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. to renew your agreement.

Used Book Superstore is a separate line of business that was not purchased by Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. and remains operational.

Recycle That, a company based in Colorado, purchased and now manages Got Books clothing donation bins. If you have one of these containers but would rather work with a local company, Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. would be happy to provide you with a clothing bin once the Recycle That container is removed. We cannot remove containers from any other companies. To have your Recycle That container removed, you must contact Recycle That directly.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. Purchases Got Books Assets
Deal Includes Got Books Trademark, Website and Inventory
Sharon, MA — February 24, 2014

Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc., a collector and redistributor of unneeded books and clothing, today announced it has acquired several assets from Got Books, a competitor firm. Under the terms of the agreement, Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. purchased Got Books’ name and trademark, logo, client and container management software, Web site, the rights to their book collection sites and the books presently in the containers. The deal for an undisclosed amount closed February 14, 2014.
“Although we were competitors, Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. and Got Books shared the same goal: to find a way to repurpose and reuse books,” said Kevin Howard, president and founder, Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. “This deal will support our efforts to expand our business locally and as a result, increase the volume of books we save from landfills.”
Got Books worked with sites across New England to collect used books from donation containers. Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. is hoping to add these sites to its own roster of book donation locations, including schools, churches, municipalities, shopping plazas and “mom and pop” businesses.
“We pride ourselves on delivering high quality customer service. We’re a local company and our customers appreciate that we frequently visit, monitor and maintain their donation sites,” said Howard. “If left uncared for, the collection containers can easily rust and become public dumping grounds. Any books left outside would be ruined. It’s important to us that our drop-off sites and the surrounding area remain clean and well-maintained and that we respond to client requests quickly.”
Salvaged books are either resold or donated to local organizations and charities that range from senior centers and hospitals to prisons.
Former Got Books host sites and partners can read the Q & A above for additional information. To host a donation bin or request donated books, visit Big Hearted Books at
About Big Hearted Books

Based in Sharon, Mass., Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. collects unwanted media, including books, records, CDs, video games and DVDs, and redistributes them to people who can use them. In 2014, the firm expanded its collection services to include clothing and shoes.
Established in 2009, Big Hearted Books keeps more than 5000 tons of books out of landfills annually. Ninety percent of the books collected by Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc. are repurposed. They are sold wholesale or on-line or given to groups in need, such as prisons, senior centers, kindergartens and town libraries. Badly damaged books are recycled back into paper. Wet or moldy books are the only books thrown out. Visit Big Hearted Books online at

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