It is with broken hearts that we must announce that Big Hearted Books & Clothing is now closed. We have faced many recent hardships and we are unable to come back from these losses. Over the past six months our Accounts Payable/Controller embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company by forging checks and lying about all aspects of his job.

We have dedicated the past 14 years of our lives to build this business from the ground up. We raised money for schools, non-profits, and local businesses and kept millions of pounds of books and clothing out of landfills. We are all very upset about having to close our doors and we fought down to the last minute to take care of our 50+ employees.

We are truly sorry if we have been less than responsive to calls and emails over the last weeks but as you can imagine, we were scrambling to try and keep the doors open. We are now officially closed.

We are working on finding another company or two to refer our customers to. The bank that currently possesses Big Hearted Books is also in talks with other book companies. Some employees from Big Hearted Books are currently looking for investors to open a new business to carry on our mission. Please check back for updates. We will post more information here on our website and on Facebook as soon as we can.



Big Hearted Books & Clothing


The Canton Police Department has issued 3 warrants for the arrest Ryan Lake, the former employee that embezzled from Big Hearted Books & Clothing. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact the Canton Police. Here is a photo of Ryan Lake of Bridgewater, MA.